Imagine Careers is building a technology platform that will match you to companies based on what is most important to you.

The current system of job boards and recruiters is broken. Neither professionals nor companies can find the information they want in all the noise.

Imagine if you never had to talk to another recruiter or post another resume on a job board. Instead, you engage with companies one-on-one by matching what you love to do with what they need.

Filter by benefits, job perks, location, company size, industry and more.

Mark Heckmann, CEO

Mark Heckmann Mark has witnessed the troubles of the labor market from both the economic development and higher education sectors. He believes such big problems are worthy of big solutions.

Eric Harvey, President and CTO

Eric Harvey Eric worked in recruiting and realized how impersonal and broken the industry was. And then it hit him: what if we connected people to companies instead of resumes to job descriptions?

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